Thursday, 28 May 2015

For a wedding-themed project, I decided to go with a cute card, one that portraits a couple who really want to get married ;)

Tools and pens I used:

- A mechanical pencil 0.5
- Waterbrush (Using a medium size tip will be allright)
- ZIG Kuretake Art & Graphic Twins (16, 37, 54)
- ZIG Clean Color Real Brush (027, 035, 092)
- ZIG Writter Metallic Colours (Silver)
- ZIG 2 Way Glue pen ball point
- ZIG Artist Sketching pen (Black)

While I was trying some techniques, I decided it would be so fun if I use my pens as watercolours to create my project, because I loved the result after doing that.

Let's start then mixing the ink of my great-looking pens with some water. I'm choosing some bold combination of colours even if it's a wedding card, but it has kind of sense I chose those colours as I want to keep my card funny and attractive.

I find it very amusing to keep experimenting with the Clean Color Real Brush pens: Their real brush tip truly gives you the exact amount of ink you're needing as you press it on. Even on the palette (made of plastic) it really gives you a good amount of ink to start working with.

Depending of how much water you add, you'll get a lighter colour. These Art & Graphic Twins pens blend together quite nicely; I got a brilliant turquoise when I mixed the blue (037) and the green one (054).

I drew a few flowers, and then I paint them pink (ZIG Clean Color Real Brush, 027) as you see: dipping the tip of my waterbrush once, then colouring the whole flower, so I get a decreasing tone, giving the flower that feeling of depth that makes the illustration more interesting. Finished the flowers with the metallic silver pen.

As I kept colouring I wasn't too much concerned about making mistakes/splotches because it was allright, as once the ink was dry I did cut them.

It was time to start drawing the lovely bride. I started marking out the shape of her head with the lightest colour I could reach by mixing water with my 092 Clean Color Real Brush. I put more ink on the ears, her forehead and her nose, and then I kept adding more detail and texture with short movements of my waterbrush, as you can see in the picture. Finished my design drawing her eyes, her nose and her mouth with my Artist Sketching Marker pen.

The groom appeared in an mild brown colour (ZIG Art & Graphic Twin pen, 016), and I also started colouring his head shape with a lightest tone, then added darker tones to breath life into him. As I played with the pink flowers the bride would be wearing, I gave him eyes, nose and mouth. I drew a bow tie that was a mistake because I didn't liked the way it looked (but luckily I could find a solution).

They were almost ready.

Mixing water again with my 092 Clear Color Real Brush, I drew a frame for each one, and even if they were not a perfect circle, well, I loved the result. Added some silver strokes to complete the design.

Glued the flowers with my 2 Ways Glue pen as you can see. Said before that I didn't like the way a drawn bow tie looked, so I drew it again in another piece of paper and glued that where the old one was. Ta-da! Love how it looks now. Adding paper in different levels makes the illustration not flat but more interesting.

Needed a piece of paper to write down my sentiment, so I thought that a paper scroll would do just great; I used my mechanical pencil to draw it, then added some ink and water to polish up the drawing, giving some shadows and lights where they were supposed to be.

Before putting together my piece of paper on my card, I assembled some die-cut silver tape that I thought it really matched the theme. 

Next, I wrote "Happily ever after" on the scroll, carefully trying to use some fancy handlettering. Also, glued the scroll in its right place with  a few drops of my 2 Glue Way pen (you only need a bit of this glue to paste things together), but only sticking on the center of the scroll to the main card, so it looks like is kinda floating and accentuated.

And... Ready to hit the dance floor at the party feast! Hope this tutorial gave you good ideas to apply to your projects, and I also hope it inspired you today :D See you soon!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Love Birds

This month's project theme is Weddings/Spring. After brainstorming many ideas from bouquets to baby animals, I decided BIRDS! And to make it relevant to weddings as well as spring…LOVE BIRDS.

Equipment Used

To create this piece I used a H2O brush (detailer tip), Millennium Fine-liner 0.05 and Gansai Tambi Watercolour set.

The colours I used were:
51 - May Green
53 - Mid Green
54 - Olive Green
20 - Black
36 - Wine Red
35 - Carmine Red
44 - Light Brown
33 - Orange
64 - Blue

Sketch out the lovebirds.  I picked the image above because of the composition of the birds. They both face each other creating a heart shape, which I liked, and want to over exaggerate.

Start painting. Block in all the main areas of colour in light shades. Mix more water to each colour individually on a pallet to create light shades. The colours used here are 36 - Wine Red, 64 - Blue, 51 - May Green and 44 - Light Brown.

Add darker shades and detail. I always start with the eye. Once the eye looks realistic, I feel that my painting is starting to come to life. This always encourages me to continue and finish the painting.

Once the eyes are finished I focus on one area of colour. First the pink feathers. Continue using 36 - Wine Red but applying darker shades. To do this use less water and more paint. To get an even darker shade apply a tiny bit of 20 - Black to the paint. I also used 35 - Carmine Red in areas which looked more red than pink.

Next, the green feathers. Again add darker shades of the 51 - May Green. I also used 53 - Mid Green
54 - Olive Green and added a tiny bit of 20 - Black to get even darker shades of green.

To make the beaks more realistic add a light amount of 33 - Orange. This finishes the painting. 


I like to add even more detail to my painting by using fine-liners. Here I used the finest of fine-liners. The millennium fine-liner 0.05. With this you can make the black parts of the painting even more black, like the pupil of the eye.

I like to add a bit of type to all my illustrations. So I wrote my quote very light around the bird in pencil. Then with 36 - Wine Red paint each letter.

Finally I outline my lettering with the 0.05 Fineliner. 


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Hello, I’m delighted to share with you this Wedding card I made for my first project as part of the Kuretake Design team.   It’s a really simple way of getting the look of watercolour painting, without needing good painting skills, the stamps do all the hard work for you!

Materials Used:
15 x 15cm card blank
White card
Kuretake Gansai Tambi 36 colour set
Kuretake Wink of Stella Brush pen in Gold
Zig watercolour brush
Simon Says Stamp Friendly Flowers stamp set and matching dies
Simon Says Stamp Congratulations stamp set
Lil’ Inkers Stitched Mats Circles die
Ranger Adirondack ink pad in Latte
Daler Rowney Cold Pressed Watercolour paper

    Mix some Deep Violet and White Gansai Tambi paints to create a pale violet colour.   Using a little water, paint this onto the clear flower stamp.

Stamp onto watercolour paper.  Repeat this several times (although you will only need 3 flowers for the finished card, stamp extras so that you can pick out the best).  Experiment a little with the amount of water you use to get the result you like best.

Repeat the same process using the leaf stamp, stamping with Olive Green paint.

Then using the darker Deep Violet paint, stamp the flower centres.

Cut a piece of white card to measure 14x14cm, then die cut a circle towards the top of the card.

 Stamp ‘Congratulations’ underneath the circle, then paint over the text using a Gold Wink of Stella Brush pen.   If you use a pale brown ink, it won’t show through the gold.

Attach the die cut piece to the card front using foam pads.
Die cut the flowers and leaves using the co-ordinating dies then attach the flowers with foam pads so they are a raised up a little, then attach the leaves with PVA glue.

Monday, 18 May 2015

With this ring...

Today I am sharing my first project, with a Wedding theme!

So far, I've just done the image - I will, at a later date, use this in a project, probably a card.

I started out by printing off a digital stamp from Tiddly Inks - these one is called Wedding Bells - onto IndigoBlu stamping card. (Incidentally, the card is not a water-colour card, and is not meant to hold too much water!)

I opened my brand new Kuretake Gansai Tambi Japanese traditional solid water colours - the colours are so vibrant! I used my water brush and began! (Colours used listed below).

You need to let dry, or blot any over-wet areas, before starting any adjacent painting to ensure colours do not mix!

Once complete, I used my ZIG 2 way glue to add some dots randomly on her beautiful skirt and also the ring on her finger, so that could add some glitter! I've used Sparklelicious glitter from Stamps by Chloe.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Here I am back with my second DT project for Kuretake UK !

Keeping in with the Spring theme, I made this card:

 Firstly, I stamped the flower image onto the watercolour card.

Using Gansai Tambi watercolours, I watercoloured the flowers.  The colours I used were :

Dark pink (34)
White (10)
Carmine red (35)
Mid green (53)

After the flowers were painted, I lightly painted around them using cornflower blue (61) and vintage photo distress ink which I watered down so it was very pale.

I coloured the inside of a well of my paint palette with a Wink of Luna silver pen, and then using a paint brush, I added splats of silver to my card.  I made sure my brush was quite wet so the ink would "splat" !

Using the Wink of Stella pink and Wink of Stella green pens I went back over areas of my flowers to give more depth of colour and also sparkle.  So that the colour wasn't too intense, I diluted the colour a little with a wet paint brush.

The subtle sparkles on this card from the Wink of Luna and Wink of Stella pens is just perfect.

After assembling the card I finished it off by adding the sentiments and a sprinkle of silver sequins.  I used the Zig Two Way Glue Pen for attaching the die cut sentiment and the sequins.  This pen is fantastic.  You only need a dot of glue which holds things fast and leaves no residue on the card.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my second project.