Monday, 10 November 2014

Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween and Bonfire night celebrations!

Here is the final installment to our spooky card - these techniques can be used on any design so we hope you are inspired and get crafting :)

Products & Equipment needed:
Black Emboss Powder
Heat Gun

Using the ZIG Emboss Writer draw a spiders web design onto the card

 Cover in Black Emboss powder and shake off excess

Use a heat gun to melt the embossing powder

To build up the background use the Wink of Luna which is a metallic brush pen - apply directly to a sponge and then dab over. Use in each colour in turn to build up and get desired effect.

Black, Gold & Violet Wink of Luna

Cut 2 rectangles out - 1 bigger than the other. Use the Wink of Luna in Violet to go around the edge of the larger piece. Then either use black card or colour white card with the Black brush pen No.22. I chose to do this over black card stock as I wanted it to be a solid deep black.

Use the Posterman Extra Fine to write 'Trick or Treat' onto the black. This is a highly opaque marker and works well on dark coloured card. 

Now use the ZIG Squeeze & Roll glue to position everything into place and your card is ready!

I hope you have enjoyed my project, please let me know if there is ever anything you would like to learn or see featured in our blog. 

My next project will be a sneak peak for my upcoming Create & Craft show on the 25th November!

Thanks for reading
Danielle x

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween everyone, we have created a spooky pumpkin card to get you all in the spirit.

Products needed:
Kurecolor Fine & Brush:
Mid Yellow, Bright Yellow, Orange, Sand, Mid Green & Green.

 Sketch out your pumpkin design, then using a Bimoji XT1 outline and add detail - the pressure that you put onto the pen varies the weight of the line!

Using the XT4 Bimoji with a larger brush tip fill in the areas that need to be solid black. 

Using the Kurecolor Fine & Brush in the following colours: 
Mid Yellow, Bright Yellow, Orange & Sand
When using Alcohol Markers, it is important to layer the colours and choose complimentary colours. Above I have started with the highlights and used the lightest colour: Mid Yellow.

Then layering the Bright Yellow over this to create tonality.
Work over these areas especially on the edges with the Orange, the advantage of the alcohol markers is that you can layer colour onto the paper as much as you like.

Add the Sand colour to the creases of the pumpkin to add gradient and then work over with the orange to blend together. 
Then use the Bright yellow to layer over all of the pumpkin to help blend together.
Colour in the stalk using the Sand, Green & Mid Green pens. 
Your Pumpkin is now finished!

Tomorrow I will show you how to create the background and text for this card. 

Thanks for reading
Danielle x

Friday, 19 September 2014

Today we would like to share our recent appearance in the Redditch & Bromsgrove Standard. We wanted to thank everyone who was able to attend our Open Day earlier this month! We managed to raise over £2,000 for the Alexandra Hospital's League of Friends Charity.

We will be holding more open days and demonstrations in the near future, until then we will have some more tips and tutorials to post soon also.

Kuretake UK  Team.  

Friday, 22 August 2014

Happy Friday everyone!

Today we would like to share with you our Calligraphy training sheets, just left click on the image, save and print them off to practice creating beautiful calligraphy flowers!

The calligraphy sets are now 25% off on the E-commerce site until the end of August, with their unique blending capabilities these pens are a must for Crafters. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Create Watercolour Images With ZIG Cleancolor Real Brush Pens

Create This Stunning Card - It's Simple!

Card Created by Danielle Curzon
Cleancolor Green, Light Green & Brown and Wink of Stella Green & Brown 
Stamp by Hobby Art: Fauna & Flora

1. Spray the card with a water spritzer

2. Using the Cleancolor Green, Light Green & Brown quickly add patches of  colour to the damp paper.

3. Use the Wink of Stella to add a few areas of brown and lime green.

4. Blend together in circles using the Brush H2O

5. Add further depth with the dark green Cleancolor

6. Blot away excess colour and moisture with a kitchen towel.

7. Allow to dry.

8. Stamp your image directly onto your background.

9. Colour the image using Cleancolor by applying the colour onto acetate and then picking it back up with the Brush H20. 

Also produced with Clean Color Real Brush


Friday, 8 August 2014

How To Colour Stamps With Alcohol Markers


   ZIG KURECOLOR Dual Tipped Alcohol Markers

Alcohol markers are a must have for all dedicated stampers, they allow you to achieve seamless colouring with incredible gradation of colour and a perfect "printed" quality. They will not buckle or damage your paper and withstand being worked intensely.

We recommend using  good thick card stock as alcohol markers will bleed through and for this reason we suggest you mount your images.


We have used: 

buy now!
MARKERS: Pale Colours Set of 12 ZIG  KURECOLOR Dual Tipped Alcohol Markers.

STAMP:   BELLS from Hobby Art

1. Stamp your image using a black pigment ink stamp pad (permanent). Amend the image with a ZIG millennium fine liner as this will not smudge when using your alcohol markers. Allow the ink to dry completely before colouring your image.

2. Using Pale Yellow 100  as a base colour in the leaves.

3.Add small areas of shading with 120 Barium yellow, be sure to leave plenty of the base colour showing.

4. Work with 501 Pale Green and 520 Green Shadow  to add further depth.

5. Immediately blend over the top of the join with 120 Barium yellow to remove any "colouring lines". This will give an even gradation of colour.

6.Use the same technique for the flowers, using 330 Pale Blue and adding 340 Haze Blue at the tops of the flowers to about half way to the tips. Blend together over the colour join immediately to fuse the colours- do not allow the ink to dry. 

7. Continue to add detail using 341 Shadow Mauve from the tops of the tips to about a third of the way down. (so the gradual change in the colours is visible). Finally add 602 Lilac to the very tops of the flowers and blend together.

8. Using the palest colour 330 Pale Blue dot the pen into the flower to displace the ink and create a "petal" effect.

9. Color the background and frame using one of the complimentary colours in  the pack. A good rule of thumb is to use colors that sit opposite each other on the color wheel.

 A really useful website about colour theory is


Always Remember...


*Colours will fuse better if working quickly while ink is still wet. Therefore, work on one petal at a time.

*If you wish to add detail that will NOT blend allow the ink to dry completely first.

*These pens dry fast and once the ink is dry it is permanent and will not budge!


Thursday, 31 July 2014

Beautiful Butterfly Bag!

Fabric Art has never been so easy, using our unique ZIG Fabricolor Pens you can create your own version of this beautiful butterfly bag.

 1. Outline your image using Laundry Clear Pen. This will gradually fade away or can be removed with water.  If you choose to draw your outline in Fabricolor Twin remember to iron before colouring in or your outline might smudge!                                                                

2. Using your ZIG Fabricolor Twin pens shade the inside of the butterfly, blending the three complimentary pinks. Always start with the lightest colour and then add the medium shade in this case the pink.

3. Add your purple outline sparingly and detail on the wings, use  long strokes and then blend downwards with the light pink to gradate the colour.
4. Outline and add detail with the black ZIG Fabricolor.
Work slowly to get a thick and opaque line.

5. Add detail and highlights to the wings with the opaque silver and white ZIG Fabricolor and then blend a number of these with the pink Fabricolor Twin. The Fabricolor will work over dark colours due to its  opacity.

6. Iron the image to make it colour
fast and permanent.



ZIG FABRICOLOR Water based pigment ink. Non bleeding. Acid Free. Permanent after ironing. Ideal for light and dark fabric.

ZIG FABRICOLOR TWIN Water based pigment ink. Can be blended. Acid Free. Permanent after ironing

LAUNDRY CLEAR Non permanent for fabric. Gradually fades away or can be erased with water. Waterbased dye ink.