Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Happy Christmas...

A beautiful card for all of our lovely readers and followers bought to you by Susan Weckesser

Here is a Christmas card that I painted using the ZIG Transparent Watercolor Palette, ZIG Pearlescent Watercolor Jewel Box, ZIG Opaque Writer, ZIG Writer Black, ZIG Clean Color grey, ZIG H2O Water brush, ZIG Wink of Stella Brush in gold.

Thank you for viewing this blog over the year. We appreciate all the post from our lovely Design Team Members. Thank you for the feedback as well. 

Have a wondering Christmas and enjoyable New Years Eve. 

All the best, 

Kuretake UK Team. 

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Add a bit of sparkle...

A lovely Christmas tag done by Miria Molinari...

I made a Christmas tag which can also be used as a tree decoration :)

Step 1 - I coloured the stamp with Art & Graphic Twin water colour pens and H2O brush. All you need to do is brush the nib of the ZIG Art and Graphic pen with the brush nib of the H2O Brush. 

Step 2-  I then used ZIG Wink of Stella brush over the top: it's so quick and easy to give a glitter accent!

Step 3 - I stippled all around with ZIG Wink of Stella silver pen 

Step 4 - I gave a final touch writing a sentiment with ZIG Calligraphy Metallic

Step 5 - Here's the project finished

Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Tags....

Today's blog tutorial is by Laurence Colling

Here is a quick tutorial to make tags for your Christmas present
Apply gesso on your tag and let it dry.
Using your ZIG H20 brush, transfer colour from a ZIG Art and Graphic Twin water colour pen by brushing the H20 Brush nib onto the Art and Graphic nib, then apply to paper. 

Add your embellishments, stamping or die-cut. The gemstone was colored with the ZIG painty Gold marker for a festive look.

Stick the embellishments to the card and write a sentiment or print something off. 

Unfortunately Laurence is leaving the Design Team but you can still check out his work here Laury55

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Not long now.... 

A lovely project brought to you by design team member Jamie Pope... 

We're getting very close to the big day.  Is everyone getting excited?  I have one last project to show you.  Do you remember my Joy Mini-canvas? Well I had one canvas left over from that project, and I think I've come up with something cute.

To start, I chose the paper I wanted to use.  I have some left over dictionary pages from an old project, so I figured it would work perfectly for this.

I used my ZIG 2 Way glue to adhere the dictionary page to the canvas.


Next, I chose my stamp.  I also chose two different markers both are ZIG Art and Graphic twin Water Colour Pens, one is a light green and one is a dark green, to ink the stamp.

I used the light green to cover the entire stamp.  Then I used the darker green around the outer edges for shading.

Next, I used a pale yellow ZIG Art and Graphic twin water colour pen to add highlights of color around the edges of the canvas.

Next up, I used my ZIG Photo Signature pen in Red to add a bit of doodling around the edge and to also add "lights" to the tree.  I chose this pen because of the small point, which is what I wanted for the lights.

Now to add a bit of embellishment..  I added on a strip of pom-pom ribbon.


Now we couldn't let this project go without a bit of bling.  I used my ZIG Wink of Stella glitter pens to add additional lights to the tree.  Now, when you move the canvas, the lights will actually twinkle.

To finish the tree, I added a star to the top.  I also used my ZIG Writer in Black on a sentiment stamp.

The finishing touch is to add a ribbon hanger and a couple of jingle bells, then a few sequins to act as tows under the tree. I love the sound of bells lightly jingling.  I already know who the lucky recipient of this adorable canvas will be.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Hello you festive bunch, 

I hope everyone is getting the Christmas mood with plenty of mince pies, chocolates and lots of food in general. 

Here I have for you a lovely festive ornament which our design team member Cecilia Sanchez has produced for us...

I made some simple Christmas ornaments to decorate the side of the stairs next to the Christmas tree.
I used patterned paper, Christmas stamps, red ribbon, ZIG Art& Graphic water colour twin markers, ZIG Metallic Calligraphy Pens, ZIG Wink of Stella, ZIG Painty, ZIG 2 way glue and glitter.
Here is the step by step guide...
1- I painted the foam stamps with ZIG Art & Graphic water colour twin.
2- Spray with water and print onto the patterned paper.
3- Use ZIG Calligraphy pens write a sentiment of your choice next to the stamp. 

4- I then underlined the words with ZIG 2 way glue and added glitter on top.
5- Added ZIG Painty metallic as borders
6- Then as a finishing touch I added some glitter with the ZIG Wink of stella

And ready to hang!!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Simply Just Doodling

and that is what I did today, I just grabbed some of the Kurecolor Fine and Brush pens and just doodled.
The snow was falling outside so my inspiration came and I drew this little fellow

With the pen being having the two nibs either end it allows fine and brush strokes.  The snowman's nose was made by simply pressing the nib on to the page.

When I had finished doodling, I cut him out and matted him on some red card stock.  Then I wrote Merry Christmas with the pens and then put him on to a tag.  

The sparkle on his hat is made by using the clear wink of stella.  I just love the little sparkle that it gives.
So I hope you have been inspired to get your pens out and just have fun creating little doodles.

Who knows where your pen will take you today

Monday, 9 December 2013

Hey boys and girls, I hope everyone is well. With only 15 days until Christmas Eve here is a lovely idea for any spare plain Christmas baubles bought to you by Miria Molinari. Take a look and please do let me know your thoughts :) 

These are the steps:
1. Here's some quick and easy home decor creations just using ZIG Painty FX pens.

2. I decorated some Christmas baubles writing  a season sentiment on it - it's so easy!
Don't forget to let the paint dry for a few minutes.

3. You can also customize your bauble: I wrote my name with red and added some snowflakes using the white ZIG Painty FX pen, you can prepare one for each  family member!

4. I also had a go at a glass bauble and drew some clean and simple snowflakes on it - it's lovely, isn't it?

5. Check out the finished products below... 

Baaaaa Humbug with Kurecolor Manga Pens

Hello Kuretake Fans, hope you are all feeling really festive as the countdown to Santa coming is well under way!

Today I am here to share with you some Christmas cards I made using the Kurecolor pens for Manga and some cute little digi stamps from Pink Petticoat.

I have the larger Kurecolor pens but was finding that the nib just wasn't small enough at times.  So these pens stepped up and did the job ...

They are perfect for adding finer details and are great for writing on non porous materials too.  I simply choose the colours that I wanted to use and started to colour.  For the grey I wanted it to be quite faint so I used the blender pen to take some of the grey before adding to the 'woolly' body of the sheep. 

This picture above shows how easy it is to pull some colour from pens on to the blender, you just 'kiss' them together ... the other great thing is that the ink just come out so you can reuse the blender again!

After I had finished colouring I made the topper into a card.  I used some glitter to add a dimensional sparkle but the Wink Of Stella pens are perfect for the job too.
These pens are so perfect for creating that I just kept colouring and creating ...

Hope you have a fun creating day and don't forget that there is FREE UK delivery in the Kuretake Shop at the moment!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Add a touch of sparkle...

 I hope your having a lovely weekend :) Here is a sparkly card from design team member Laurence Colling with a step-by-step guide...

            1. Apply gesso on kraft paper.

2. When dry, stamp with white ink.

3. Draw circles with ZIG painty FX marker (white). You may use a stencil.

            4.   Add color with ZIG H2O Brush.

    5.  Place your stencil on top of your paper and check that the stencil is aligned with the white circles that you have previously drawn. Use ZIG photo tape to apply glue inside some circles and remove your stencil.

6. Cover with glitter. Glitter will adhere to the photo tape and you may put the excess in the jar.

           7. Trim your kraft paper and adhere to cardstock. Stamp the background and add embellishments (punched stars, sequins, …)

Shop online here at Kuretake UK and received a FREE Wink of Stella Glitter Pen PLUS FREE Delivery in the UK and ONLY £3.99 delivery for any European Delivery over £25.00. 

Friday, 6 December 2013

Here is yet another fantastic craft inspired blog post from Design Team Member Jamie Pope. This is super cute, everyone must try it. Take a read of the following and let me know your thoughts :) 

Are you ready for another fun and super adorable Christmas project? How cute would this guy look hanging from your tree or garland? So let's get started, and I'll show you how it was made.

To start, I painted two wooden spools.  One I painted with a White ZIG Painty FX pen, the other was painted with a Light blue ZIG Painty FXpen.  Set the spools aside for a few minutes to allow the paint to dry.

Once the paint is dry, cut a strip of paper to fit the middle portion of the spool.  I thought it would be an interesting twist to use a paper with a foreign script. Adhere the strips to the spools and set aside for the adhesive to dry.
Once everything is dry, use a ZIG 2 Way Squeeze and Roll Glue Pen to apply a line of glue to the top and bottom of the paper strip.  Immediately coat the glue lines in glitter then set the spools aside once again to dry.

While we're waiting on the glue to dry, let's work on assembling the bottom part of the ornament.  You'll need a pair of beading pliers, a head pin, and whatever item you wish to hang from the bottom of the ornament.  In this case, I wanted to use a crystal star.

Using the beading pliers, make a small loop at the end of the head pin, add the jump ring that is attached to the crystal into the loop, then close the loop.

Next up, insert the head pin into the spool.

Holding the head pin tightly against the spool from the bottom, bend the edge of the head pin against the top of the spool.  If the head pin is longer than the edge of the spool, simply snip off the overhang with a pair of wire cutters.  Oh, and I apologize for my paint covered fingers in the next few pictures. :) I didn't realize how much paint was in my hands when I took the pictures.
Adhere the head pin to the spool using hot glue.
Again using hot glue, adhere your chosen mini-ornament to the top of the spool.

Add a layer of snow textured medium around the base of the snowman.  While the texture medium is still wet, add a bit of glitter over the top.  Set aside the ornament one last time to allow the texture medium to dry. 

Lastly, just add an ornament hook into the top of the ornament.  Now it's ready to hang and enjoy.

The Santa ornament was completed in exactly the same way as the snowman ornament, just using a fabric Christmas tree instead of a crystal star.

These guys are now ready to hang and be enjoyed.  They could also easily be personalized by adding an initial charm to the jump ring at the base - Jamie