Thursday, 31 January 2013

Valentines Zendoodles with Zoe Ford

Zoe Ford has been busy creating some wonderful Zendoodling Valentines day cards for you to try at home. Zoe's aim; to create some male friendly Valentines day cards. We think these cards are perfect!

All you need to make these cards are:

Zoe has used ZIG Art & Graphic Twins plus Kurecolor Fine & Brush to make these cards. There is one simple Zendoodle card and one a little bit more challenging for those of you who feel a little more adventurous.

You can see how Zoe made these cards by watching the video below:

To see more from Zoe please visit her blog here.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Becki Wagner's Asian Inspired Card

I'm back again with another Asian creation. I love how this card turned out. Especially with a few extra touches from my Painty Twin Gold & Silver pen. You don't have to be a professional artist to use these fine pens and markers. You can use them on your everyday crafting. They can really add some oomph to an already great project.

I used the Graphic 45 Bird Song collection for this card. It comes with a beautiful gold on black paper. I wanted this to be the base of my card. The gold is a little faded, so I decided to get out my Painty and draw over the designs. It made them really pop off the page. My paper looks handmade now. I love, love this effect. Best part is I didn't have to have any artistic talent.

I did the same with the silver side of the pen on the print. I love the added interest here and there. This card reminds me of those vintage wooden scroll calendars with gold/silver accents my uncle used to send us from overseas every year. I just may keep this card for myself to display in my living room. 

The sentiment was written with the ZIG Writer and I highlighted the "h" in the Painty Twin Gold. Pop your layers together with some glue dots using ZIG 2 Way Glue. Then, add a bow, and you have yourself a beautiful card with Asian flair.

Simple, yet beautiful thanks to my ZIG Painty Twin Gold & Silver and Graphic 45 papers. I have to make a series of these!

ZIG Painty Twin Gold & Silver 
ZIG Writer in Black
Graphic 45 Bird Song collection

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Valentines Gift & Box by Alexandra Michiardi

New design team member Alexandra Michiardi has been busy creating a lovely Valentines inspired tutorial for you at home. Alex's aim was to create a colourful, cheap and Eco-friendly gift.

Alex started by creating this wonderful coloured gift box, which was made from a old metal & plastic sweet box.

1. Paint your chosen box using ZIG Posterman Markers you may need more than one layer.

2. Make decorations using wood chips also painted with the ZIG Posterman Markers. Alex chose to draw an arrow illustration with a ZIG Millennium pen (08).

For the second part of the project, Alex created a handmade broach from a flat stone and a silver badge back.

3. Once again using the ZIG Posterman Markers paint your desired design onto the stone.  

4. Stick the stone to the badge back to create your broach

5. Add some tissue paper and glitter inside your homemade gift box and place your gift inside.

If you want to add a little more to your home made gift you can add more wooden chips (with love messages) inside the box, as Alex has. 


To see more about this design please visit Alex's blog here.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Kokeshi Doll Shadow Box by Becki Wagner

I love Japan and it's culture. My Aunt and Uncle have lived there as missionaries for the past 18 years, I have yet been able to visit them. They bring me lots of goodies when they come visit, but I would still love to see it for myself. So when Kuretake said our next theme was Japanese, I was so excited. I just had to come up with an great idea. While searching, I started to see those Kokeshi dolls floating around the internet. Hmmm, I have quite a few of the ZIG Woodcraft markers. I'm sure I could whip a few of these little beauties and find a way to showcase them.

I got the idea for the little dolls from Restless Risa's Japanese Themed Birthday party. These were perfect for my shadow box. I started with the easiest part - the head. I put the head on the end of a pencil and colored different hairstyles with my black Woodcraft marker. Here is a close-up. It was easier to color the buns before attaching them with glue.

The next step was to color their kimonos. I looked at a few pictures online and just painted in some simple designs. I didn't have a pink or light blue marker on hand. I found a simple solution. In order to get the paint flowing through the tip you have to pump it on paper a few times. If you do it too much, it will leak out. Which, under normal circumstances, is to be avoided. It worked to my advantage here. I pumped the red and white markers out in little pools onto a piece of scrap paper. I mixed them together till I liked the pink, then using the red marker picked up the color. Don't worry about ruining your marker. It can be rubbed across paper till it returns to its normal color. It does not absorb far back into the marker. Although, you will use up your marker quicker this way. I would recommend using the darker marker to pick up the color when using this method. You could use the lighter but it seemed to take more rubbing to get all the other color off.

When I was done designing their clothes, they needed a sealer shower. I liked them on the shiner side, so I used the gloss spray. A little ribbon and I could move on to the hanging shadow box. It was a file I used in my electronic cutting machine. I used my ZIG 2-Way Glue to glue the box together. Worked up really fast.

Here it is completed and waiting for my little cuties to go inside.

I thought the dolls needed a little scenery. I kept it simple because I wanted the focus to be on the girls. I cut the blossoms out of white card stock and used my Kurecolor Twin in Dark Pink for the larger petals and ZIG Memory System Scroll & Brush in Pure Pink for the small ones. I glued the smaller to the larger and added them to the branches with a few that looked like they fell.

When the individual pieces were done, I was ready to assemble them into their forever home. The one girl is leaning a little. That is my fault. I wanted to twist her a little to the front and damaged the paper a bit. I am just going to pretend she is whispering into her friend's ear.

I am soo going to hang this in my Asian themed bedroom. It will go perfect. Guess I should get that kimono out that I bought a few years ago and hang it in my room too.

Hope you liked my project today. I had sooo much fun making it. I have been inspired to make a few more of these as they were so simple to put together. Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!

5x7 shadow box frame by Lori WhitlockKokeshi Dolls - head: Ball Knobs 1 1/4" with 3/16 hole, buns: 3/8" round balls, body: 1 1/4" 5/8" hole candle cups
E6000 Craft Glue

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Japanese Inspired Cards

As part of our Japanese themed month our design team members have been busy creating some amazing projects. Here are a collection of the lovely cards we received. 

We challenged Jo Austin to create a card using the ZIG Chalk Writers and ZIG Emboss markers. We were very impressed with the outcome. 

Karen Jiles used the ZIG Brushables to create this beautiful card. She has used the colours Pure Violet and Splash.

Annette Allen used the ZIG Art & Graphic Twins, Kurecolor Twin Markers, a Black Writer and a BrusH2O to make this adorable card. 

Friday, 25 January 2013

Cartoonist Range Episode 3 Part 2

Today we bring you the last installment of the Cartoonist Range Videos. This final video shows Al Davison creating an amazing piece of artwork using the techniques he demonstrated in Monday's video. Al is once again using the ZIG Cartoonist Inks, Nibs and Brushes.

If you missed part one of this weeks video then check it out here or to have a look at the rest of the series, visit our YouTube channel here.

Check back next week for an Introduction to the ZIG Art & Graphic Twins and how to use them with stamps.

If you would like to check out anymore of Al's brilliant art work please visit his website here.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Guest Artist Kieran Arkins

Another artist we have had the privilege in working with this month is Illustrator Kieran Arkins. Kieran has created a beautiful collection of pieces for our Japanese month.

Kieran has used a number of different Kuretake ZIG products to create these illustrations and 

The ZIG Cartoonist Sumi Ink 60 and White Ink 30 where used along with the whole selection of Cartoonist Nibs and Nib Holder. These where used for the broader lines hair and highlights.

Kieran used the ZIG Black Millennium pens in sizes 005, 02 and 05 to add detail to his illustrations.


The colour was added by using the ZIG Art & Graphic Twins in Pink Flamingo, Dull Blue, Persian Green. Pale Yellow, Deep Red and Light Blue and a Broad BrusH2O

To see more of Kieran's work please visit his deviantART page here.  


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Valentines with Jamie Pope

Today we have another Valentines project to get your creative juices flowing. Jamie Pope has been busy creating a tutorial for you to try out at home. 

Over to Jamie...

I have a wonderful project that looks ahead to Valentine's Day.  It's definitely not the traditional red/pink themed project, but the sentiment rings true, always trust your heart.  So let's see how I put everything together.

Step One: Start by tearing up an old book into small pieces.  I love books and had a hard time ripping one into pieces, so I went to the dollar store and bought a dictionary.  I didn't feel so bad about destroying that, plus it only cost $1 and I only used 3 pages out of 200.  I'll get plenty more use from that one. Then just adhere the pieces down in random directions until the base is covered.

Step Two: Clean up around the edges of the heart if you have any paper that overhangs.  Make sure to apply a thin layer of gel medium over the paper.  Then just set is aside to dry, preferably overnight.

Step Three: Using your ZIG Brushables markers, scribble a bit of ink onto your craft sheet.  Then, using a BrusH20, start picking up the ink and applying it to the paper.  The water will help to spread the ink around and give a nice watercolor look.

Step Four: Continue adding ink in different colors until the heart is fully colored.

Step Five: Using a ZIG Writer outline your desired text. Then simply fill in with ZIG Brushables.

Step Six: Highlight parts of the image with your ZIG Wink of Stella pens.  Love, love, love the sparkle!

Step Seven: Add all the fun embellishments - a bit of ribbon around the inside edge, some crystals, a few flowers, and a butterfly.

To see more of Jamie's wonderful projects please visit her blog here.  

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cartoonist Range Episode 3 Part 1

This week will have two episodes outlining some of the amazing and simple techniques you can use when using the ZIG Cartoonist Inks, Nibs and Brushes.

Today we have once again been joined by the very talented artist and graphic novelist, Al Davison to bring you this video.

Check back on Friday to see an original piece created by Al using these products. Also if you have missed any previous episodes, take a look at our YouTube channel here.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Valentines Card with Susan Monro

Hello Kuretake fans as you are all probably aware Valentines is less than a month away and our design team members have been busy creating some lovely projects for your inspiration. 

Today we would like to introduce a new team member Susan Monro who has created this lovely Valentines day card. 

Susan has kindly added an easy to follow tutorial if you want to try making your own at home. 

1.     Cut an A4 sheet of red card to measure 21cm x 20cm – this is your base card

2.     Cut a piece of black pearl card or black glittered card to measure 9cm x 20cm, stick this to the front of your base card using ZIG 2 Way Glue. [I prefer to use the pen point squeeze & roll]

3.     Using a Kurepunch Corner Deco Heart punch, [remove the plastic frame and turn the punch over – this enables the punch to be used to create a border].  Starting at the left hand edge of the paper [if you are left handed reverse this part of the instructions! – it makes it easier to see what you’re doing] slightly overlapping the outer corner of each punched shape, so that they ‘link’ together, punch 7 heart patterns.  [Repeat this at the other end of the sheet of paper – so that you end up with 2 borders.  Keep the off cuts – there are little hearts that you can use to add to your card!

4.     Using scissors cut out the zig-zag pattern, leaving approx a 5mm border.

5.     Glue these to the front of the card , using ZIG 2 Way Glue – the beauty of this glue is that you can apply the adhesive to the item - it will be blue in colour, then leave it to change to a clear colour, this takes just a couple of minutes – this makes the glue re-positionable!  Brilliant when trying to get a border level!

6.     Make 3 chiffon flowers – I cut 3 different size circles out from a length of wide chiffon ribbon – BE CAREFUL when you do this next bit… using tweezers, very carefully hold the edges of the flower, turning constantly, near to a naked flame – the chiffon melts and curls up creating fabulous shapes! You can add glitter to the edges when cool if you wish. 

7.     Select a length of bootlace ribbon, I chose red with white spots from the Kuretake Assorted Ribbon collection, glue one end to the top left of your card, glue the chiffon flowers in place on top of the ribbon.

8.     Create a loop, to represent a leaf in the ribbon and glue to the bottom of the card above the border, I also glued in a tiny piece of red feather, and a small heart from the Kuretake KurePunch range, along with 2 tags, also from the Kuretake punch range – punched from the same red card as the base card.

9.     Using a Kuretake Art & Graphics Twin ink your chosen stamp in red, and stamp onto a scrap piece of white pearl card, cut out and mount this onto a scrap of black card.  I attached this to the front of the card using sticky fixers, I did paint a small heart shaped brad with a red ZIG Painty FX pen, and attached to the front of my tag.

10.  Attach the end of the ribbon to the base of the card

11.  Decorate as desired with the ‘waste’ hearts from the punch border and diamontes.

To see more of this design from Susan please visit her blog here.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Japanese Culture Book by Janie Drake

You may have seen Janie Drake's amazing origami bookmarks on Friday . If you haven't take a look, they are wonderful. Today we bring you the project she created the bookmarks for.  

Janie was given the task of creating something with Kuretake's traditional Japanese Paper Sets. She chose to create this amazing little Japanese inspired culture book with recycled materials. Here are a few images of the inside. 

To see more on this deign please visit Janie's blog here.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Japanese origami bookmark.

Hi there, it's Jaine here bringing you some Japanese inspiration.

Just before Christmas I was able to send a Japanese inspired mini album to Kuretake as part of their display at the Frankfurt fair. Whilst making the book I became very interested in the art of origami and in particular I came across a brilliant tutorial on a blog called Kimono Reincarnate showing how to make paper japanese dolls. I made a couple of them to include in the book but since then have gone totally crazy turning them out constantly (I even turned one into a Santa at Christmas).  So here, using some gorgeous Kuretake papers I'll attempt to recreate one of these figures.

You'll need for the kimono a piece of paper 5 and a half by 12 and a half cm.
The obi and collar a piece 1 and a half by 10 cm or longer
A strip for the waist band narrower than the obi.
A card circle and a strip of card about half a cm wide. 

Fold the collar/obi paper in half lengthways and cut off about 5cm. Wrap this around the body as shown in picture 2.  It's important that you fold right over left then secure with a piece of sticky tape.
Take the kimono strip and fold down a cm, turn it over and fold half a cm down.
Place the body and collar on top of the kimono piece with the collar peeking out slightly (picture 5).
From the left fold down the top corner but don't crease it just yet.  Fold the side over in a straight line and crease that from the bottom to the top and when you reach the collar gently crease it down as in picture 7.
Do the same for the other side.

Wrap the obi around just under the shoulder creases and wrap the second waist band piece around too. I secured mine with a small piece of double sided tape.

Add a circle of card for the head (mine is 2cm) and cut a rectangle of black felt just slightly wider than the head. Secure this half way down the face and on the back of the head. You can also secure it to the back of the body if you wish. I added some beads to one of mine too.

The Kuretake paper range is just gorgeous, I love it.

Jaine x