Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Kuretake ZIG Christmas Advent Calendar - Door 1

 Welcome to the Kuretake ZIG Advent Calendar!

Every day in December we'll have something special for you including Kuretake Shop offers and tutorials from our Design Team and Kuretake Staff members!

Our first tutorial has been done by our Marketing Manager Stephanie, using Kuretake Envelope Templates.  And guess what...
we're giving you 25% off these templates today in the Kuretake Shop!

Christmas Envelope
by Stephanie Bergin

Kuretake Envelope Template
Kurecolor Alcohol Ink - Cadium Red & Dark Green
ZIG 2 Way Glue
Circle Kurepunch
Kurecolor wash pad
Kuretake Clips
Kuretake Ribbon
White card stock or heavy graphic paper
Foam pads

1 Draw and cut out your envelope using the Kuretake Envelope Template on either white card stock or heavy weight graphic paper.  A4 sheets will fit envelope size two (one down from largest).  Do this twice as you will need to templates.

2 Score across the fold lines.

Add Kurecolour Ink Cadium Red onto half of the Kurecolor wash pad, add Dark Green Kurecolor ink on the other half. 

Apply the of the wash pad in a circular motion across the entire template.  It is likely the ink will seep through so use a craft mat to protect your surface!  Also apply the ink on both sides to get even finish.  TIP!! The ink looks darker prior to drying.

5  Once dry (allow around 5 minutes), using ZIG two way glue, fold the bottom parts of the envelope and glue.

6  Attach the two envelopes together by gluing he triangle area of one envelope to the reverse of the other envelope (see illustration)

7 Create a button using a large circle punch and colour using Kurecolor ink in Green.  Attach with foam pad so it gives some height

8  Using Kuretake clips (Star) tie Kuretake red ribbon in the one corner and affix clip to the front bottom left using a brad.

A handmade envelope gives a great personal touch when giving money as a gift this Christmas!

You can create your own handmade card to put in your envelope.  Steph made her card using the same Kurecolor inking techniques, then creating a tag using a Kuretake Scrapbooking Template and a gold ZIG Calligraphy metallic pen to write a Christmas message.  The tag was then finished off with some Kuretake ribbon.   

25% off all Kuretake templates in the Kuretake Shop is only valid today so make sure you get your Christmas order in quick! 

And...we're really getting into the Christmas spirit by giving you free UK delivery for any order over £15 throughout December and also 30% off the RRP of Basically Bare items! (starting 5th December for 2 weeks)

Keep an eye on the offers page of the Kuretake Shop...lots more to come!