Sunday, 18 December 2011

Kuretake Advent Calendar Door 18 - Basically Bare Sparkle Decoration

Basically Bare Sparkle Decoration

How to make
Step 1
Roughly cut pieces of copier to fit the 3 largest sizes of gears from the Basically Bare set, two for each size.  Scribble the pens on a pallet or old tile and mix in some mica powder with some water.  Use the blue pearl mica with the shadow mauve pen and the lilac pearl mica with the deep violet pen.  You will need to mix quite a lot and you may also need a second coat to get a deep colour.  Screw the pieces up while they are still wet them gently flatten out and allow to dry.
Step 2
Cover both sides of the largest and smallest gears with both coloured papers.  Cover one side only of the medium sized gears with both coloured papers, one colour on each gear. 
Step 3
Fix a piece of purple ribbon to the largest gear. Fix to both sides to form a loop.  Punch a hole in the smallest gear and tread another length of purple ribbon through it, fix the ends to the largest gear opposite the first loop.  Fix the middle sized gears to the largest gear, one each side.
Step 4
Draw lines on the medium sized gears crossing the centre point using the violet and silver metallic writers.  Decorate the lines with gems from the packs.  Tie small bows with light and dark blue ribbon and fix to the centre of both sides of the small gear.  Fix gems round both sides of the small gear.

Wishing you all a happy crafting Christmas