Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Kuretake Advent Calendar - Door 7: Calligraphy Christmas Envelope

Today we have a special Christmas Calligraphy tutorial for you from the wonderfully talented Calligrapher, Jane Farr!

Calligraphy Christmas Envelopes
by Jane Farr

Hello! Jane Farr here to demonstrate how to add a few bits of fun to your holiday envelopes and cards using Kuretake ZIG pens.

ZIG Calligraphy or ZIG Journal & Title - Red, Green

Using the chisel edge of a red Journal & Title pen, draw a slight and gentle “s” shape, keeping your pen angle consistent along the path of the stroke (as the dash marks indicate).  Create a second “s” slightly overlapping the first, but be careful not to separate the points at either end as the bottom example shows.  We are creating the leaves for a Poinsettia.

The steeper your pen angle, the narrower your leaves will be.

These leaves are narrow

These leaves are wide.

Draw five double “s” pairs.  If it helps, make a center point with a pencil first.

Using the same technique, draw a few, smaller leaves in green.   With the large end of a yellow ZIG Writer, add several dots to the center of each Poinsettia. Add a little sparkle to the yellow with a clear ZIG Wink of Stella.  

You’re done! These little Poinsettias are a great way to dress up an envelope or gift card. 

Next, let’s create some quick and easy holly leaves.

Using the chisel edge of a ZIG Journal & Title pen, draw two diamond shapes. The second diamond should be directly under the first. Keep your pen angle at approximately 45 degrees.  Then using the bullet end of your pen, outline only the outer edge.  Add a center vein and a few diagonal veins.  With a red bullet tip, make 3 dots at the base of the leaf for your holly berries.  The poinsettias or the holly leaves can also be made with either the 5mm or 2mm end of a ZIG Calligraphy pen. 

Add a cluster of three Poinsettias at the upper left of an envelope and a single Poinsettia at the bottom right.  With a straight edge, draw two lines with a bit of space between them.

Using the chisel edge of a red ZIG Journal & Title pen, letter the name of the recipient on the top line.  Using the bullet tip, write a note or the recipient’s mailing address in the space between the two lines. 

Have fun!