Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Kuretake Advent Calendar - Door 6: Star Decoration Tutorial

Hi there!
I am Kissinia and would like to share with you something really cute and quick.
It is a very busy time of the year, Christmas is just around a corner.
I would like to show you how in minutes you may make your unique, simple yet beautiful embellishment.

1 Cut out the image of your desired shape. I used ordinary packaging.

2 Wet it a little bit using the Kuretake Water Brush H20

3 Peel of some paper to show the structure of your corrugated cardboard.

4  With the Posterman waterproof marker in white I slightly touched the edges of my star.

5 Using Art and Graphic Twin Marker I have added colour, which is blue in my case.

6 With the brush add some water to create a distressed look.

7 Add some more white if you wish with the Art and Graphic Twin Marker.

8 Using any embossing ink, apply it generously over your entire shape and sprinkle the Rainbow Sparkle embossing powder.

9 Use heat tool

Now you have your distressed, shiny and very rustic looking star.

10  Add some simple embellishments, like buttons, raffia or anything you would prefer. I painted raffia with the same Posterman waterproof marker in white.

And easily with no mess in about 20 minutes you have your star ready.
Next time I will show you what I made using this embellishment.
Thanks for stopping by.