Friday, 16 December 2011

Kuretake Advent Calendar - Door 16: Cookie Cutter Batik Christmas Card by Wendy Evans

Cookie Cutter Batik Christmas Tree Card
by Wendy Evans

Batik artist Wendy Evans has created this Christmas Tree card using Kurecolor inks and hot wax.

What is Batik?
Batik is the traditional art of using dye and hot wax on cloth, although paper is also sometimes used. Wax is applied to areas of colour that you wish to keep,  and patterns and designs built up by alternating the dye and the wax. You can find lots more info on Batik here.

Lemon yellow 102
Cobalt  Blue 304
Pink 225
Green 508
Blender B.1

Paper: Plain white
Iron and Paper to remove wax at the end 
Christmas tree shaped Pastry / Cookie cutter with a wooden peg for a handle

1  Dip edge of a tree shaped cookie cutter into hot wax using a wooden peg for a handle.

Print wax-resist onto white paper to give a tree outline.

3  Draw dots and stars in the background, using a tjanting filled with hot wax. 
Fill the tree shape with a mixture of blue and yellow ink; use blender to give different shades.

5  Paint pink in the background, around the tree, and blue around the edges. 
When dry, draw more dots and stars over the pink background and draw more detail in the tree; as before using hot wax.
7  Paint  green ink over the tree.

8  When dry, draw more detail on the tree, using wax.

Paint all over with blue ink. 

10  When dry, iron work between sheets of clean paper which will remove the wax-resist.

You can find out more about Wendy's work and Batik in general on the Batik Guild Website.