Thursday, 15 December 2011

Kuretake Advent Calendar - Door 15: Sharon's Christmas Dinner Table Treat Box

Today our Sales Order Process Team Leader, Sharon has got some great ideas for your Christmas dinner table!

A few festive questions...

What do you love most about Christmas?
Watching my  grandchildren open their presents, being with all my family.

What's your favourite Kuretake product for Christmas crafting?
Using the Wink of Stella to add subtle glitz.

What are you looking forward to most in 2012?
Watching  the Olympics and the excitement of it being held  in England

Dinner Table Treats

by Sharon Ledgister

Kuretake Gems
Empty matchbox
Card/Paper: red, green, black
White paper

1  Cut a piece of the black card/paper to the same width as the length of the matchbox. Use enough to wrap around the box, leaving a small overlap

2  Apply the ZIG 2 Way Glue to the sides of the matchbox, wrap the cut black card around the box tightly, and stick down the overlap.

Paint the inner box with the ZIG Art & Graphic Twin pen, covering the sides, and leave to dry.  You can colour it the same colour as your card or with a different colour of your choice.

     4 Cut out 12 pieces of the red paper with the anchor punch and 3 pieces of the green paper with the leaf punch

5  Draw veins on the leaves with the green ZIG Art & Graphic Twin pen.  Stick the leaves to the top of the box with the 2 Way Glue

6  Arrange and stick 6 of the red punched anchor pieces in a circle layer. Tip: Lay 4 pieces as a cross shape first, then add the other 2 pieces. Layer the other 6 pieces in the same way but arrange in the gaps left by the first 6.

7  Cut a piece of white paper to fit inside the painted box and write either a Christmas greeting or maybe a small joke inside the box

8  Using the Wink of Stella pen, draw over the petals of the flower, and around the shape of the leaves.  To add more twinkle, keep applying

Stick the gems to the side of the flower, and pop a small sweet or other treat inside for your guests!