Saturday, 10 December 2011

Kuretake Advent Calendar - Door 10: Little Christmas Boxes

Little Christmas Boxes
by Jaine Drake

I hope you're enjoying the offers and tutorials which have been posted recently.  There has been so much inspiration and I hope to offer you some more of that inspiration with my tutorial for little boxes.

For this project you'll need; a box template or pattern ( I used a box template from Kuretake for mine), a Clean Color Real Brush pen in your favourite colour or indeed any of the water based pens will work for this technique, a ZIG 2 Way glue pen, a stamp and some gold leaf flakes.

After cutting your box shape from the template, scribble some ink onto a craft sheet and give it a spritz with some water.

Mop up the ink with the box as if you were mopping up with a paper towel.  Keep dipping and adding more ink until you're happy with the colour.

Load your stamp with ink straight from the pen and stamp randomly over the by now dry box.  Let some go off the edge.

Highlight parts of the stamped image with your ZIG 2 Way Glue as well as any other parts you'd like to show off.  Wait until the glue has turned from blue to clear and is tacky to the touch.

Dip the box into the gold leafing flakes and rub with your finger to cover all of the glue with gold.

Gently brush over with a stiff paintbrush to remove any excess flakes.  Re-do any bits which you missed the first time and any further parts you want to cover.

Add your sweets or gift to the box and assemble with a pretty ribbon around the top.

Happy Christmas from Jaine