Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hope you have an amazing day.

Here is one last festive project, from our Export Sales Executive, Charlotte.

Festive Napkin Rings
by Charlotte Deykin

Some festive questions....

What do you love most about Christmas?
The expression on my little boy’s face when he sees that Santa has been! And spending time with my family.

What's your favourite Kuretake product for Christmas crafting?
The Gold & Silver Painty FX markers – their metallic effect is lovely!

What are you looking forward to most in 2012?
The Euro 2012!

ZIG Emboss Powder: Queens Gold
Kuretake Ribbon: Black & White
Heat Tool
Cardboard Tube
White Paper
White Card


Cut the cardboard tubes approx 2 inches long.

Cut a strip of paper to cover the tube and stick using ZIG 2 Way Glue.

Once dried, pour some red ZIG Kurecolor refill ink onto a sponge and use this to cover the outer and inner cardboard tube.

Cut strips of white ribbon and attach to each side of the tube.

On a piece of card, colour in a section using the ZIG Emboss pen big enough for you to cut out the buckle. Sprinkle with ZIG Queens Gold emboss powder and heat using the heat gun.

Cut out a buckle, or alternatively I used a square and a weave paper punch.

Cut a strip of black ribbon to go around the middle of the tube. Affix the buckle to the black ribbon and stick this around the tube.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Kuretake Advent Calendar - Door 24: Hanger for your Christmas tree

Napkin or tissue paper
20cm of lace or ribbon

Using a heart shaped stamp, stamp twice on your napkin or tissue paper and once on your fabric. You may use a white or color napkin or color your white napkin. Using your heart as a template cut an additional heart in fabric.

With your waterbrush outline your stamped image (on the napkin) and when still wet, you may easily tear apart the 2 sides.

Using the  Zig 2 way glue, adhere it on your fabric

I glued part of the stamped napkin on the stamped fabric.
Sew the 2 heart shape and add some filling.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Kuretake Advent Calendar - Door 23: Merry Christmas by Nikky Hall

White Card

Draw a circle onto card with a pencil (a CD is an ideal size).
Roughly sketch out your Merry Christmas text in pencil to ensure you get the layout right around the circle.
Then taking a gold and silver metallic Calligraphy pen and using the 3.5mm tip, add gold colour to the tip of the silver by gently pressing the gold halfway onto the tip.
Holding the silver pen at a 45 degree angle now trace over your text. Break down each letter into sections. Use the fantastic printable guides and tutorials on the Kuretake website to help you and refer to the A-Zig Calligraphy book.
 Don't worry too much if your spacing isn't correct as we can resolve this later. Now add some little swirls onto the ends of your letters to make it look fancy.
 Practice this "S" shape on some scrap paper. Once you can get the shape, draw a centre dot and starting from the centre point turn your paper each time to make a flower.
 Now add lots of flowers around the edge of the circle on your card. Once you're confident, change the tip size to make some smaller flowers and change colours. Try to make the positioning quite random.
 Keep going and build up the design, each time turning the paper as you create your petals. Finally, add some swirls to the circle to finish. You can add little berries to the flower centres. Add some sparkle with a Wink of Stella pen!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Nikky Hall's Magical Kurecolors Tutorial

You will need:

Selection of Zig Kurecolors & blending pen, Clear Mushroom stamps from Polkadoodles, Wink of Stella Gold penWhite Zig Chalkwriter pen, Memento inkpad, Zig Alcohol inks - clear blending solution

Using the memento inkpad, stamp your images and create a little scene by adding lots of trees and bushes.
Kurecolor alcohol markers change colour as they dry so it's really useful to make and keep a colour swatch chart every time you buy new colours. The handy storage wallets are already in pre-selections of bright and muted tones. I store mine in colour families within the wallets in numerical order but if you struggle with putting colours together you will find the pre-selected colours really helpful as it makes selecting colours that work together really easy peasy.

 There is no right or wrong way on how to colour but with I tend to work light to dark depending on the image I'm colouring. For this image I will use a lot of the skintone colours to give me a nice soft look to my project but I try to restrict my colour palette to less than 10 colours as I find when too many are involved you can end up with a garish result with too many colours clashing. As you can layer Kurecolors you can achieve as many colours as you wish by simply mixing colours together and this means all the colours in the palette you use will work together well. The Kurecolor markers have a really precise point which is far more accurate than many other markers and means you can get right into fine details.
 The Kurecolor blender is an awesome tool for achieving soft blending techniques. If you find the colour you have is a shade too dark, add some of the colour onto the tip of the blending pen and then sweep across the image in small circles to spread and blend a more muted form of the colour.
 You can also use this technique to mix colours together - simply add 2 colours onto the blender to make a third variation and get a lovely smooth blend when you colour. The colour will simply flood out of the blender as you use it so you will never spoil the blending pen, you simply reload the colour again if you need more.
 Kurecolors have brilliantly strong pigments and give super-rich coverage but not all your projects have to be vibrant and strong. I want a more muted, softer look to my project so I decided to try out an idea I've had for a while...scribble some blue onto a piece of acetate or acrylic block (as a palette) and then add some clear blending solution, mixing with a paintbrush.
 You need to work quite quickly as alcohol ink does dry very fast, but take a paintbrush and swirl the colour across the sky to give a really soft look which looks a bit like watercolour! Great technique, it worked so well! If you run out of colour or it's a little patchy just add more blender and blend it around until you're happy. I ended up with a really soft wash which looked broken up by clouds. If I'd done this any other way it would have taken me ages and lots of blending!
Now start to add some more colour and foliage colour - don't forget you can mix your colours together which  I find handy when I'm trying to get the right tones for foliage.
 Once I'd built the colour up I decided to make my lanterns light up. Use yellow 106 in the centre of the lantern and then using the blender pen swirl round and round the head of the lantern in a circular motion to spread the light.  Then take the same colour and add touches of it where the glow would be picked up on the house and on the mice etc.
 Remember to add the casting shadows and glows too for added effect. Again I used the paintbrush to get the wash across the grass in the front of the picture.  Take a white chalkwriter pen and highlight along the lanterns and anywhere you feel you need to get a little contrast. Finally, take a yellow or gold Wink of Stella pen and add to the lanterns and windows and some of the flowers for a little sparkle.
 Finally make up into a project for any occasion.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Kuretake Advent Calendar - Door 21: Nasreen's Metallic Christmas Card

Today Kuretake staff member Nasreen has a Christmas card tutorial for you!  Nas started working for Kuretake in sales, and moved over to our Marketing team in April. Nas's sister, Alyea also works with us! She did the Fabricolor Babygro tutorial on Door 14.

A few festive questions...

What do you love most about Christmas?
The holidays and spending time with family and if we’re lucky the snow!

What's your favourite Kuretake product for Christmas crafting?
The Wink of Stella glitter pen, I love the gorgeous fine glitter and how you can add a bit of sparkle to any project without the mess of glitter

What are you looking forward to most in 2012?
Going to New York for my friend’s 30th

Metallic Christmas Card
by Nasreen Akhter

ZIG Calligraphy metallic silver pen
ZIG Painty FX medium silver
Kuretake crafting scissors rockies
Kuretake gem accent stickers blue
Kuretake photo tape 60
Kurepunch small ice crystal 
Kurepunch medium snow crystal 
Kuretake satin ribbon blue
Kuretake scrapbooking file 6x6”
Blue card (1 x 4x4” and 1 x 4.5x4.5”)

In pencil, draw a triangle on the 4.5x4.5” blue card, making sure you leave a centimetre border around the edge.

Using the ZIG Calligraphy metallic silver pen, fill the triangle with flourishes and flowers to create a Christmas tree, please click here for a practice sheet on how to draw the flowers.

 3 Using the Kuretake Crafting Scissors Rockies, trim the edges. Add Kuretake Gem Accent Stickers on the centre of the flowers.

Trim 3 edges of the Kuretake Scrapbooking File 6x6”. Use the Kurepunch Medium Snow Crystal and Kurepunch Small Ice Crystal to punch out stencils.

Use the Painty FX Medium silver to stencil the Scrapbooking File.

 6 Add Kuretake Gem Accent Stickers to the centre of the snowflakes. Tie a bow with Kuretake Satin Ribbon blue and stick it down on the side of the Scrapbooking File with Kuretake Photo Tape 60. Stick the Christmas tree on the centre of the Scrapbooking File.


 7 Write your seasonal greetings on the 4”x4” blue card with the ZIG Calligraphy metallic silver pen, you can get some ideas from the lettering practice sheet. Stick the card down on the inside centre of the Scrapbooking File.

Thanks, Nas!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Kuretake Advent Calendar - Door 20: ZIG Painty Santa decoration by Jo Williams

Today we have a special project from Jo Williams, of Muddy Puddle Crafts.  We're a huge fan of Jo's colourfully painted wooden products!

Painty Santa Decoration
by Jo Williams

A selection of ZIG paint markers:
ZIG Painty


1 Use a ZIG Painty, or Painty FX to colour in Santa's hat, and the star in red

Use the white ZIG Woodcraft marker to colour in his beard

3 Using a flesh coloured ZIG Woodcraft marker, colour in his face

4 Outline the sign with a green ZIG Woodcraft marker

5  Once dry, add some finer details.  The ZIG Painty Twins are great for adding fine lines.


5 Allow to dry completely and hang on the tree!


Thanks Jo!

You can find more of Jo's wonderful work on the Muddy Puddle Crafts website, Facebook and Twitter.