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ZIG Kurecolor Alcohol Markers & Inks: The Basics!

ZIG Kurecolor Alcohol Markers and Inks....

Here at Kuretake we have our own range of alcohol inks and markers - ZIG Kurecolor

As with all our pens and inks, Kurecolor markers and ink are manufactured in Japan and are extremely high quality.  The favourite of professional artists all over the world, Kurecolor markers have long been a popular choice for Graphic Designers, Architects and Product Designers. More recently Crafters have discovered the benefits of Kurecolor's for smooth and even colouring and the amazing shading and textured effects that can be achieved with the use of the Kurecolor blender pen and solution.

"wind-land-mate " by AIONES using Kurecolor ©

What's so great about Kurecolors?

Kurecolor's are an alcohol based dye. They are permanent but low odor and Xylene free

The laydown of the colour is smooth, even and translucent and they're available in 118 colours!

Kurecolor Inks on metal by Jaine Drake ©

Also, Kurecolor markers....
...are available in 3 barrel shapes

...are Refillable - (directly through the tip!)

...have assorted replaceable tips

...are Colour Coded on the barrel and the cap for easy colour selection
Kurecolor's can be used on a variety of surfaces including glass; acetate; metals; paper; photos and more!

All Kurecolor markers are both blendable and refillable.

The Markers....

The Kurecolor Twin S -  KC3000

The Kurecolor Twin S is a professional quality graphic marker with both fine (1mm) and broad (6.5mm) tips. Ideal for graphic artists, designers and crafters alike, use the broad tip for large areas of shading and the fine tip for those little details. 

The marker barrel is squared to prevent rolling off the workspace. We continually receive feedback that this shaped barrel is great for those who have dexterity problems with their hands.

The Kurecolor Dual Tip - KC1100

The KC1100 - 6.5mm chisel tip & 1mm fine tip

The Kurecolor Dual Tip has exactly the same ink and tip sizes (1mm) fine and broad (6.5mm) as the Kurecolor Twin S, but it has a larger, rounded barrel. The Dual Tip marker holds more ink, so needs to be refilled less often and the larger barrel size has been shown to reduce hand tiredness, so is often preferred by graphic designers and artists.

Kurecolor Single Tip - KC500
KC500 - 6.5mm chisel tip

The baby of the Kurecolor family and a great option for students and beginners, the Kurecolor Single Tip is the same professional quality graphic marker as the Twin and Dual tips with just a single broad (6.5mm) tip.

Kurecolor Interchangable Tips

We also offer a range of Kurecolor tips, not only chisel and fine tips to replace your existing tips but also a range of alternative tips including brush tips & calligraphy tips! Easily interchangeable and 9 different sizes and styles.

Calligraphy Tip

Brush Tip

Blending with Kurecolors

Using the blender pen, Kurecolor's can be blended tip to tip to create gradual shaded effects....

The blender pen can also be used to create different effects and textures

What can you Kurecolor?

There are so many different uses for Kurecolors, here is some work from some of our very favourite artists.  Click on the images to find out more about the artists and their work.

Kurecolor for Comic Art.....

Facundo Lopez ©

Facundo Lopez ©

Kurecolor for Graphic Design...

"Ford Cortina MK1" © Gonzalo Trasotero

Kurecolor for Manga art.....

"Marker Magic" DestinyBlue ©

"Rose Melody" Kyara Bennington ©


Kurecolor for Fashion Illustration...

Witchiego ©

Crafting with Kurecolor markers...

Kim Dellow ©

Nikky Hall using Polkadoodles stamps and Kurecolor Skyline set ©

Kurecolor Alcohol Inks

Kurecolor Ink - 25ml

Use Kurecolor Ink to refill your Kurecolor markers or use alone to create amazing effects on all kind of surfaces.  Here are some ideas....

Marbling with shaving foam (as seen on Create & Craft TV!)
 Use on acetate, glass, plastic
Decorate Christmas baubles
Colour metal and jewellery
Use the blender to create different effects

Marbling with Kurecolor Ink and shaving foam

Set of 12 Kurecolor inks

Top tip: Got your hands messy with alcohol ink? No problem...just use a bit of hand sanitizer and it'll come straight off!

Crafting with Kurecolor Inks....

Embossed Kurecolor on acetate - Dee Paramour ©

Kurecolor on plastic - Dee Paramour ©


Kurecolor ink on acetate - Dee Paramour ©


Check out our Kurecolor Halloween Alcohol Ink tutorial here!

We'll be back soon with some Kurecolor blending tips and techniques! In the meantime, we'd love to know....

What do you Kurecolor?...


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