Thursday, 27 October 2011

I've got my 'eye' on you.

 It's Jaine here with a creepy Halloween project designed to, quite frankly,  spook the pants off you.

 I've created a framed eyeball picture, using a cheap wooden frame and taking the backing off.  I discarded the acrylic front (I'll save that for another project) and gave the whole frame a good going over with my black Kurecolor alcohol ink.  I cut a piece of white card to fit inside the frame and coloured it orange, added some die cut silhouette trees which I stuck down using my Zig 2 Way Glue pen,  a rub on and some googly eyes. The plastic spider I made look more interesting by brushing over lightly with my gold Painty pen. I added some words with a dymo labeler.

The main part of the picture is the creepy eyeball and I'm going to show you here how I did it.

You'll need, Kurecolor markers in green and black, a red Clean Color brush pen or some other red pen but having said that, the brush on the Brush Pen gave me just the right amount of control to create the veins on the eyeball. You'll also need a white pen and of course a polystyrene ball.

With a sharp knife, cut the ball in half then with a soft pencil mark out the iris and pupil. I used a cutting template to get my circles so perfect.

Using a black Kurecolor marker, colour in the black pupil. A couple of coats gives a good dense colour.  Next colour the iris with the green.  I cheated slightly here as my Kurecolor marker wasn't a dark enough shade so I touched the ink bottle top to the broad tip of my marker pen, as if I was filling it up, and it transferred enough ink for me to colour in.  You only need to hold it on for seconds to get enough colour then when you're done just scribble onto some kitchen towel until you get back to the original colour again.

Put a thin black line around the bottom of the green layer and use the green pen to blend into the black line to soften it slightly.

Use your red pen to draw a line around the eyeball under the black line and create some veins running down.

Finish off with a little white dot on the black pupil to give a little glint in the eye.

Give the whole thing a spray with some spray varnish to give it a shine and glue it onto your picture frame.

I wish you all a happy Halloween and happy spooking.