Monday, 31 October 2011

How to draw ZIG Calligraphy pumpkins


Happy Halloween!

ZIG Calligraphy pens can be used for so much more than lettering and today I'm going to show you how you can draw some little Halloween pumpkins.


What you'll need:
ZIG Calligraphy pens : I used Pure Brown & Apricot

These pumpkins are really simple and the effect is achieved by blending the pens tip to tip, like so..... 

I blended the Pure Brown onto the Apricot but the pigment of ZIG Calligraphy pens is so strong that you could blend them the other way around and get the same effect.

To blend your pens, hold them vertically, and without applying any pressure, allow the ink to flow into the pen below.  The longer you hold the pens together, the longer the 2nd colour will last on the tip. You can watch a video clip of this technique here.

Once blended, your Calligraphy pen will create a line like so:

How to draw a Calligraphy pumpkins

Step 1
 With the darker blended edge facing outwards, holding the pen at a right angle, draw a crescent shape.

Step 2
Draw a second crescent shape, keeping the same angle

Step 3
Repeat step 2 but with slightly less of a curve


Step 4
The 4th line is curved in the opposite direction

Step 5
And finish off with one last inverted curve


Step 6
Add some detailing to your pumpkin using your ZIG Writer or Wink of Stellas!

You can get really creative by adding some vines, funny faces and leaves to your pumpkins....

or even some lettering....

The possibilities are endless, so give them a go!

To find out more about ZIG Calligraphy pens and what you can do with them take a look at our Calligraphy tips and techniques post

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