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Crafting Around the World with Kuretake ZIG: Jaine Drake, Luxembourg

Crafting in Luxembourg! with Jaine Drake

We're continuing our "Crafting Around the World" series of interviews with our Design Team, this week we're getting to know Jaine Drake from Luxembourg...

Hi Jaine, tell us a little about yourself…

I’m a mixed media artist and cardmaker, and  mother to three girls living in beautiful, leafy Luxembourg.  I’ve been crafting in one form or another since I was little but all things paper took over in my life around 10 years ago. Now I’m seriously addicted.

How did you get into crafting?
My Granny was an artist and crafter and I spent many hours as a young girl drawing and knitting in her company. This is where the seeds were sewn but after leaving school it would be a long time before I would take up the crafty bug again.
Around twenty years ago I saw my first cards made using rubber stamps. I thought they were wonderful but didn’t come across any again for another ten years. Once I’d bought stamps and inks I was hooked and my obsession has grown steadily since then.

Tell us a bit about the area you live...
I live right in the heart of Europe in a small country village in the centre of Luxembourg. Even though it’s a small village, we do still have our own Chateau.  When I tell a lot of people where I live they usually reply “oh yes, I travelled through there once”.  The whole country is so small it would fit into most English counties and the borders (France, Germany and Belgium) can all be reached within an hour.  Wherever you live you’re never more than an hour away from the capital but this small country packs a lot into it.

Chateau of Schoenfels

What is the crafting scene like in Luxembourg?
About ten years ago I’d have said limited, but in the last couple of years we’ve seen new ideas coming from Germany and France and more and more people are becoming interested in cardmaking and scrapbooking.

Where do you purchase most of your craft supplies?
Most of my craft shopping is on-line but twice a year I go with friends to two major craft fairs in Germany where I make sure I get well stocked up.
The local supermarket chain here called Cactus, which has a small but growing craft department, is where I’ve been buying my ZIG glue pens for years and the main craft store here in Luxembourg also sells my ZIG glue pens and water brushes.

How would you describe the style of your work?
Colourful, fun, quirky and at times a bit mad.

Kurecolor Alcohol Inks

Where can we see you work?
My blog is www.craftydrakeblogspot.com and I’m also on the design teams for Sarah Hurley and My Stamp Box both of whom I adore.  I also administrate for a Mini-books Yahoo group.

Fave Kuretake product and why?
The most used product in my craft box is the ZIG 2 Way Glue pen which is THE best way to stick tiny die cut pieces to card and paper but to date my favourite product has to be the Kurecolor Alcohol Inks.  The colours are so vibrant and being permanent they have so many possibilities. The effects you can achieve with them are amazing. 

Kurecolor Alcohol Inks

What advice would you give to other freelance crafters?
Don’t spend all your time comparing what you do with everyone elses work and beating yourself up if you don’t feel you come up to scratch. Just go for it and have fun that’s the main thing. We are our own worst critics when it comes to art (yes, crafters are artists too) which holds us back too much.  Try everything out and experiment and if something feels right then do it.

What has been your favourite project that you’ve made using ZIG pens?
My favourite projects have to be those from my art journals.  I love to draw whimsical images with my Millenium pens before colouring or painting them. I use the ZIG Millenium pen to doodle on the pages too.  I’m most proud of the recent work I’ve done producing samples for the Create and Craft shows using the Alcohol inks. I love using these inks and the results are stunning. http://craftydrake.blogspot.com/2011/06/empty-nest-journal-page.html

What’s so great about being part of the ZIG Design Team?
I’m so proud to be on the Kuretake Design Team among some huge names. I’ve made some great friends and gathered some fantastic inspiration along the way.  I get to play with some wonderful products some of them brand new to the market.  

It’s often said that creative people are messy people. What’s your work area like?
I have a “thing” that whenever I start a new project I have to clear my work area completely. Once I start work it’s a different matter and chaos takes over.  There’s usually music playing quite loudly and my cat, Jess the Basement Kitty will come and lie right across my work area and has been known to sit on the most uncomfortable things.

What inspires you?
My surroundings are the source of most of my inspiration.  I live on the edge of a forest and my work table is right under the window.

What motivates you on those slow days?
A cup of tea and a Jaffa Cake biscuit.

ZIG Calligraphy pens

Are you working on anything at the moment that you can tell us about?
I currently have three art journals on the go, my Christmas cards of course, an envelope book for a swap on the mini books yahoo group, workshops to prepare for, lots of drawings to convert into digital stamps for my Etsy shop and my DT projects. So that should keep me busy.

Anything else you'd like to add?
I look forward to creating lots of interesting projects using Kuretake products and I think the next few months are going to be very exciting indeed.

Thanks for chatting to us Jaine!

Look out for Jaine's Halloween themed Kurecolor Alcohol Ink tutorial, up on the blog next week!

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