Wednesday, 24 August 2011

ZIG Scroll & Brush pens: The Basics!

What's so great about ZIG Scroll & Brush pens?

And, they're part of the ZIG Memory System range of markers which means that they're....
  • Acid free
  • Pigment Ink
  • Lightfast
  • Archival Quality
  • Photosafe
  • Waterproof
  • Non-bleeding

So ideal for cardmaking, scrapbooking or anything you want to last the test of time!

They also come in 48 Colours and are blendable with any of our ZIG Memory System markers.

The Scroll tip....

The Scroll tip is an indented calligraphy tip that creates a solid break in writing.

Well, they're double ended markers and extremely versatile!  They have a notched scroll tip for calligraphy writing on one end and a flexible brush tip for rubber stamping and brush lettering on the other. So, two pens in one!

What can you do with the Scroll tip?

Blend the tips!...

ZIG Tip! If you have a selection of ZIG Memory System markers, but not the colour you need in the Scroll and Brush pen, no problem!  Just blend the colour that you want onto the Scroll tip the use as normal and it will write in the new colour!  To change back to original colour, simply dab onto tissue or use until the original colour returns.

The tips can be blended with other ZIG Scroll tips, or any marker in the ZIG Memory System 

To blend your pens, hold them vertically, and without applying any pressure, allow the ink to flow into the pen below.  The longer you hold the pens together, the longer the 2nd colour will last on the tip! 

Try it on one part of the Scroll tip, to create effects like this...
Calligraphy lettering & flowers...

The Scroll end is a calligraphy tip so you can do the same lettering, flowers and motifs using the Scroll & Brush pen as you can with the ZIG Calligraphy marker tip. The scroll effect 

Use the scroll tip to edge your paper....

gives a really different look to flowers and flourishes, especially when you start blending!

Just remember to keep the Scroll tip at an angle of 45 degrees when doing lettering or calligraphy flowers, start from the middle working outwards and turn the paper each time you do a new petal.

ZIG Tip! I actually found the Scroll tip a real help when learning to do Calligraphy, it's slightly less forgiving if you don't hold it at 45 degrees which gets you into the habit of holding it at the correct angle!

 Simply place the paper in the slot of the Scroll tip and drag the pen down to create a defined edge for your projects......

Kim Dellow "Smile"

Create borders...
Use the Scroll tip to create borders for your cards and scrapbook layouts.

The Brush tip...


The Brush tip is a flexible and versatile tip, great for rubberstamping, brush writing and simple motifs.

What can you do with the Brush tip?

Blend the tips.... 

You can blend the brush tips by simply painting one colour onto the tip of another....

Create simple flowers...

Simply push the brush tip down to create a petal effect, turn your paper and continue to add petals until you have a little flower!

Here's some I did earlier, they're super easy so give them a try!

Brush Writing...

The brush tip is of course great for Brush Writing!  When doing brush lettering, you use the side of the tip and don't be afraid to apply pressure as this is when you will create the thickest lines. 

 A good place to start is to do a few flicks to get a feel for the brush tip....

I learnt to do my Brush Lettering by watching some of Martha Lever's video tutorials on YouTube, you can find them here


The flexible Brush tip can be used directly onto rubberstamps or you can use the brush end to colour your stamped images. 

We love this video tutorial from docrafts which shows how to use the Brush tip with rubberstamps as well as some other great techniques with the Scroll & Brush tips....

There are loads of really simple little designs you can do with the Scroll & Brush pens, here's some I've done today (and if I can do them, you definitely can!)

Flowers with the Brush tip... 

And the easiest of them all...hearts with the Brush tip!....

Why not have a play and see what you can come up with?


"To You" using the Scroll Tip by Kim Dellow

ZIG Scroll & Brush pens aren't just for craft! 

California based artist Arlen Dean uses the brush tip for his amazingly detailed work.  We'll be featuring more of Arlen's work on the ZIG blog soon.

"Stare" by Arlen Dean

Also Comic Artist John Mccrea uses the brush end of the Scroll & Brush pen to ink his work, check out his blog post and find out how his does it.

Need a bit more help?

  • We've got some downloadable practice and idea sheets on our website 
  • Check out our A-ZIG book which will get you started with calligraphy in no time!  More about this book on our Calligraphy blog post.

A-ZIG Calligraphy book - a must have starter book for Calligraphy!

  •  Check out Martha Lever's fab video tutorials with loads of different ZIG pens

How else do you use your ZIG Scroll & Brush pens? We'd love to hear!

Send me an email with some images of your Scroll & Brush artwork and we'll be sharing some on the blog soon with some prizes for the best ones!

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ZIG Tip! As with all double ended pigment markers - they must be stored horizontally! This is to keep the ink flowing nicely from both ends.